About Us

Who Are We?

BinocularsReviewed.com is Binoculars Review site run by a team of binoculars enthusiast who have been in the industry for many years. Our teams experience include retail sales, wholesale, product development for all kinds of Optics ranging from Riflescopes and Telescopes.

We’ve teamed up with a Binoculars Retailer in Australia who will providing Binoculars on loan to us for our comprehensive review. This range of binoculars available to us will include Birdwatching, Hunting, Marine and general Spectator Binoculars

What To Expect?

Our aim here is to provide a comprehensive review of binoculars with as much visual content as possible. We will look into details such as Specification, Construction, Optics Quality and anything else we notice.

Our reviews are unique because we aim to provide as many images and videos as possible.

For each review, you will find

  • An Un-Boxing Video Outlining All The Accessories
  • Detailed Product Pictures
  • Our unique Through The Lens Images And Comments
  • Comprehensive Review

If you happen to be buying a pair of binoculars that have not been reviewed. Please drop us an Email via the Contact Us page and we are happy to share our experiences.

Where Are We?

Our Binoculars Review website is run by a team of us in Australia. We are very lucky to be in a country where there are great uses for Binoculars. This ranges from Birdwatching and Hunting, Boating and Fishing to just observing and watching Sporting Events.

Unfortunately, being so far away from the rest of the world, and with a small population of 20 million means new releases take an additional month or two to get to us. So if you are after a hot of the production line binoculars review, we have to wait until they are officially available here.

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