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Bushnell Legend Series (E, L & M)

Bushnell Legend’s have been a long favorite of mine. Great price, excellent quality and the legendary Bushnell brand has made the original Legend a highly recommended product by myself and the rest of the team. I personally feel that when

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Types Of Night Vision Devices

There are several types of Yukon night vision devices available in the market. These are those optical devices which will allow one to see images or even capture some in areas of low light intensity. These are devices which are

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Guest Post: Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Astronomy Binoculars

The wonderful team at OpticsCentral in Australia have written an article on buying Astronomy Binoculars for beginners. OpticsCentral is an Australian Optics store specialising in Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes and more. Contact their dedicated customer service team for any advice on

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Marine Binoculars For Boating In Port Phillip Bay – Melbourne, Australia

Boating In Port Phillip

A good friend recently bought a boat and I have been on a couple of trips out in Port Phillip bay, I could finally relate to the countless guides I have read and advice given to people about buying binoculars

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Nikon Aculon 8×42 Review

Nikon Action 8x40

Nikon would probably count as the most recognised name among all the brands of Binoculars in Australia. We’ve decided to do a review on these binoculars seeing as they are the Top Selling binoculars in Amazon and for Nikon. Year after year,

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Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10×26 Binoculars Review

The brand Steiner often comes to mind when we are thinking of good quality binoculars at a reasonable price. While Steiner is a German brand and has a heritage similar to Leica, Zeiss or Swarovski. The range that Steiner carries surpasses

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Carl Zeiss Conquest HD 8×42 Binoculars Review

Carl Zeiss Conquest HD 8×42 Review Overview The Zeiss Conquest HD has only recently arrived in Australia and Zeiss Official Retailers are starting to receive some stock of them. Similar to the recently released (Not officially available in Australia yet) Victory

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Are Fogproof / Waterproof Binoculars Important? | Top 10 Tips For Buying Binoculars

Simple answer is  YES. In this day and age, you have no reason to not purchase one that is not waterproof or fogproof. Nitrogen Purged/sealed binoculars are so affordable these days that there is no need to not buy one

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Is Magnification Important? | Top 10 Tips For Buying Binoculars

Top Tip #2 – Magnification Is Important. Is the Higher The Better Before we begin. Always remember this rule. Higher Magnification means less Field of View. This is the law of physics and until someone figure out how to bend

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Top 10 Tips For Buying Binoculars | 10 Part Feature


Here at BinocularsReviewed, we get questions about binoculars and we’ve noticed that there are alot of misconceptions regarding Binoculars. Sources of these misconceptions can be from the glossy manufacturer brochures, the sales assistant in a shop who managed to read

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