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Guest Post: Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Astronomy Binoculars

The wonderful team at OpticsCentral in Australia have written an article on buying Astronomy Binoculars for beginners. OpticsCentral is an Australian Optics store specialising in Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes and more. Contact their dedicated customer service team for any advice on

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Marine Binoculars For Boating In Port Phillip Bay – Melbourne, Australia

Boating In Port Phillip

A good friend recently bought a boat and I have been on a couple of trips out in Port Phillip bay, I could finally relate to the countless guides I have read and advice given to people about buying binoculars

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Is Magnification Important? | Top 10 Tips For Buying Binoculars

Top Tip #2 – Magnification Is Important. Is the Higher The Better Before we begin. Always remember this rule. Higher Magnification means less Field of View. This is the law of physics and until someone figure out how to bend

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Top 10 Tips For Buying Binoculars | 10 Part Feature


Here at BinocularsReviewed, we get questions about binoculars and we’ve noticed that there are alot of misconceptions regarding Binoculars. Sources of these misconceptions can be from the glossy manufacturer brochures, the sales assistant in a shop who managed to read

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How Do Fog Proof Binoculars Work?

This seems to be the standard question that gets asked by anyone buying a pair of binoculars. As a retailer, over the years, I’ve had people asked if our cheap under $100 Binoculars are Fog Proof and I would not

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Choosing Your Binocular For Bird Watching

One of the most important equipments used in bird watching is binocular, especially if you intend to make this activity more than just a past time. Your binocular will become your companion in easily locating and identifying the birds. It

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Best Binoculars For Your Safari Holiday


Overview Safari Holidays are often expensive and a once in a lifetime experience. Having the right binoculars with you can make all the difference and make your African safari far more memorable. You will find that all professional Safari guides

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Porro Prism vs Roof Prism Binoculars. What Are The Differences?

Porro prisms possess the common dogleg form for the housings, where the purpose contacts will probably be counteracted through the eyepiece contacts. Roof structure prism binoculars have got in-line housings, so one of these are likely to be smaller when

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The Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Binoculars

Overview Quality binoculars are manufactured to give you excellent, hassle free watching for the life of the binoculars. However, cleaning your own binoculars is important to ensure they perform to their best. If washed incorrectly, you may get slight scuff

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Impressive And Fun Infographic By OpticsCentral

I thought you guys might like this. If you are sick of reading my long tutorials about which binoculars to choose and just want something super simple. Check out this Infographic from OpticsCentral This Infographic can also be found here

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