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Bushnell Legend Series (E, L & M)

Bushnell Legend’s have been a long favorite of mine. Great price, excellent quality and the legendary Bushnell brand has made the original Legend a highly recommended product by myself and the rest of the team. I personally feel that when

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Steiner Commander Global Pre-Launch Overview

I’ve just heard that the new Steiner Commander Global Binoculars will be launched very soon in Australia. Released earlier this year in Europe and the US. Steiner is the world’s first binoculars to have a Global Compass. This means that you

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The World’s First Polarised Binoculars From Byfield Optics

There has been alot of talk about polarising binoculars and how useful they would be. Polarising filters has been around for a long time and is seen on virtually every pair of sunglasses and camera filter. Top Tier brands such

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Impressive And Fun Infographic By OpticsCentral

I thought you guys might like this. If you are sick of reading my long tutorials about which binoculars to choose and just want something super simple. Check out this Infographic from OpticsCentral This Infographic can also be found here

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Steiner Releases Brand New Range Of Riflescopes

After a much awaited period. Steiner has finally officially announced that they are releasing Riflescopes. Most retailers and other brands have been waiting for this to happen for quite some time as Steiner is very well known in the Military

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Carl Zeiss HT Glass Designed And Built By SCHOTT

I recently wrote a quick overview of the new Carl Zeiss Victory HT Binoculars that were soon to be released in Australia. One of the things evident in the press release is that the biggest step up is going into

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Zeiss Releases new Victory HT Series

The Carl Zeiss Victory FL has been around for almost 10 Years. Despite still being the leader in Optics in its category, Zeiss has released a brand new Victory HT Series this year. Going beyond the Flouride glass featured on

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