Guest Post: Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Astronomy Binoculars

The wonderful team at OpticsCentral in Australia have written an article on buying Astronomy Binoculars for beginners. OpticsCentral is an Australian Optics store specialising in Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes and more. Contact their dedicated customer service team for any advice on buying Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes.

Astronomy binoculars are often described as the best first telescopes, but even experienced professional astronomers keep their favourite pair of binoculars with them on their Star gazing adventures. If  fine detailed views of the planets galaxies, and beyond are your main objectives, telescopes would be the best option. However, binoculars have their advantages such as having a great Field of View when compared to Telescopes. Binoculars are made to look at the larger objects. These include the Pleiades star cluster, the Andromeda Galaxy, and our own Milky Way Galaxy all shine the best through binoculars. In fact, you will find that a good pair of astronomy binoculars will give you much better views of large star clusters and big, extended nebulae than the finest telescope.

Just like buying any of our other Binoculars Guides, make sure you know what you are getting when buying binoculars. There are binoculars for every need and keep in mind that there will not be a one size fits all pair that works well for everything you need. Deciding on the right magnification, objective lens size, physical size and weight and other features are essential to end up with the correct pair of Binoculars.

Like other binoculars, you would want a maximum of 10-12x magnification with a 50mm lens for hand-held use and 15x magnification and 70mm Lens and above for tripod-mounted viewing. Larger lenses let more light in, but are often heavier and harder to hold still. At OpticsCenral, we general recommend that customers buy a tripod or use their own if they are buying binoculars with 70mm Aperture. If they are not keen on using one, a Fully Multi-Coated 10×50 Binoculars are often a better option and are similarly priced. When buying a tripod, a quick tip is to ensure that the tripods can be raised to your Eye-Level at the minimum and above in an ideal situation. When using binoculars for Astronomy, the are often pointed upwards and are positioned just above your eyes so the user does not have to bend down.

Celestron produces one of the best value for money binoculars and they have a dedicated Skymaster series which are designed for Astronomy and are very popular in Australia. Their Tripod mounted series consists of the Skymaster 15×70, Skymaster 20×80 and the Skymaster 25×100. Their handheld series consists of a 8×56 and a 9×63 are slightly more expensive as they are fully multi-coated for the best light transmission.

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