The World’s First Polarised Binoculars From Byfield Optics

There has been alot of talk about polarising binoculars and how useful they would be. Polarising filters has been around for a long time and is seen on virtually every pair of sunglasses and camera filter. Top Tier brands such as Swarovski have had polar filter’s as an add on for their binoculars. Although this has been a useful solution, they only worked on the Swarovision EL’s which are over AUD $2000 and the filter’s affect the light transmission during the day and have to be removed at night for the best performance.

Byfield Optics, an Australian company has recently released a new polarised binoculars with a patented “Integrated Polarised Lens System”. This is a polarised lens mount system with a custom cut polarised lens and is expected to perform like any other polarised filter. Despite the polarised coatings, the binoculars are expected to still have good light transmission and night performance.

Initially available in 8×56 and 10×42 sizes with decent specifications. All the standard features such as Fully Multi coated Optics, BAK-4 Prisms, water-proof armouring and nitrogen filled.

This is a great step for binoculars and will definitely be well received among Fisherman, (Hobbyist and Professional), Ski patrols.

Advantages Of Polarised Glass

Polarised Glass is designed to reduce and eliminate reflections on reflective surfaces. They are also designed to reduce glare on highly reflective surfaces.



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